Camels in the desertFull Day Liwa Excursion

This is a full day excursion to the the oasis of Liwa the cultural hub of UAE located 125 Kilometers from Abu Dhabi and about 230 Kilometers from Dubai. This is a rather long day excursion but to fit all the areas we must drive straight to Liwa first where will will visit the camel farm and have some traditional meal, later we will do dune driving on the tallest Sand dune of arabia the Tila Moreeb

Moreeb dunes or Al Moreb Hill is a place for organized drag races. With a reported 50 degree slipface, and height of 120 meters, it is a perfect place for sand drags.

Moreeb Dune is one of the highest sand hills in the world. Its altitude is about 120 meters (206 meters above sea level) with slope of 50 degrees.  Because of its steep slopes it has been given this name (Moreeb Dune - Scary Mountain)

After experiencing the real sands of Arabia we will head back to Dubai while visiting Madina Zayed and the exotic cars museum at village of HH Shk. Hamdan, known as the rainbow Sheikh The museum houses two of his magnificent inventions; a giant truck built at 7 times the scale of normal size and a mega globe structure, a unique architecture similar to a giant caravan with different layers and chambers.

Cost : Dhs 750.00 per person or US$  or US$ 199 Per Person (Seat in Jeep basis). Discounts available for groups. Contact us for details

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