Al Ain city tour - Full day

Alain is known as the Oasis or Garden of the United Arab Emirates. In contrast to Dubai and other Emirates Al-Ain is green and more traditional. It is 140 Kms away from Dubai.

We will take you to the greenest of all Emirates on this tour – Al Ain, the garden city and also boasts a modern university is only 120 kms from Dubai. The road and area boosts farms of vegetables and date trees. We pass by the Hili City famous for green gardens and stop at the largest camel market in the U.A.E. were we see different camels being traded.

Al Ain city has popular historical attractions ranging from one of the forts built by the ruling Al Nahayan family over 175 years ago to pre-historic tombs at Hili, that are said to be more than 5000 years old. On this tour we pass by the U.A.E. University and visit the museum, the camel market, Buraimi Oasis and the hill garden

Cost: US$ 110.00 Per person Book now! Special rates available for groups and families.

Camel Market Alain City Garden in Al Ain


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